I’ve been training with Bert for 6 months now and she is easily the most effective trainer I have ever worked with. Her expertise is second to none and she is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure our workouts are as effective as possible. I had a pretty significant back injury and groin injury starting out and even with that, Bert was able to get me into easily the best shape of my life. I cannot recommend her highly enough — ESPECIALLY if you are an athlete, and particularly if you’re an ultimate frisbee player.


Started working with Bert on workout plans focusing on adding strength and stability for Muay Thai after having also taken an Olympic Lifting class with her as well. Learned tons from her both on form in Olympic work, as well as some more kettlebell and exercises I’d not encountered but totally kicked my butt. Bert was fun to work with, super responsive to questions or queries, and 100% working with her helped me get noticeable increases in endurance, pain free competition, and strength for Muay Thai and day to day exercise and conditioning. If you are looking for someone to help you take workouts to a focused and more effective place for your body, talk to Bert- its going to pay off.


Bert is a phenomenal trainer who makes working out fun, educational, creative, and tough but safe! I’ve been working out with her for a few months now, and she always surprises me with how many new exercises she comes up with every visit. The classes are always exciting with a super friendly and supportive team atmosphere. I’m still amazed at how much preparation goes into each lesson. She provides a spreadsheet each week to guide us through new exercises for our home workouts. Each exercise has a link to an online video demonstrating how to do the exercises properly. The catalog of videos from the full staff at Strive and Uplift is enormous and always growing. Bert is especially knowledgeable about body mechanics and sports performance and teaches us how to train effectively while protecting us from injury. She is always helpful and careful to keep an eye on our form to make sure we are tailoring the workouts to our personal body requirements. I highly recommend Bert at Strive and Uplift for anyone looking to take their strength and conditioning to the next level!