Bert Abbott, Strength & Conditioning Coach


As a coach, I’m particularly invested in helping teams and individuals move their work in the gym and on the field from simply exercising to specific training that helps folks achieve their goals in life, sport, or whatever else they’re chasing! My background is in secondary science, health, and outdoor & physical education, as well as coaching all levels and ages of ultimate players and other athletes.

I love working with athletes of all ages and skill levels, leveraging my understanding of the different ways people learn and develop to help reach their goals. I’m especially interested in experimenting with advanced training methods to help folks reach their athletic potential, including Olympic Weightlifting, triphasic training methods, and integrated speed and agility technique work. 

My programming style is founded on delving into the fundamental movement patterns of sports. We mobilize, strengthen, and neurally groove great movements in the gym and work on translating those to your game, whether it’s on the field, rocks, snow, or bike! In one session, you’ll bounce between active mobility exercises, mat Pilates style core work, barbell movements, and targeted prehab exercises designed to keep you pursuing your activities.

My personal athletic joy is in ultimate; I’ve played for over 15 years, captaining a team to multiple National Championship events, including one epic season where we won the whole thing! I also enjoy skiing, climbing, hiking, running with my dog Rebel, and trying out new sports. I’m a movement nerd, so I love exploring new activities and finding the common threads and differences between the diverse ways we use our bodies.

You can find my writing on exercise science on Ultiworld‘s Tuesday Tips column and my thoughts on equity in ultimate in my column for Upwind Ultimate, BertBrain.